Dominique Coleman, MBA, PMP

Principal Consultant | Chief Strategist | Founding Member

An award-winning consultant & international best-selling author with 15+ years of resurging reputations, conveying value and increasing capital with resourceful business strategies.

  • We are an equitable and affordable crisis management firm dedicated to supporting minority business owners. Our team specializes in working with minority business communities that may not have extensive business knowledge or access to premium business Consulting Services. We help them navigate through business setbacks.
  • Our mission is to guide you to overcome and bounce back stronger than ever from any business setback, in just 6 months…and guess what? you can do all of that without splurging on pricey marketing!
  • You know, it’s really tough when you are juggling parenthood, with the labor of love that it takes running a business…on top of everything else. Do you know that feeling? You’re a hard-working parent pouring your heart into your business but some days, it feels like you’re climbing uphill, especially when setbacks sneak up.
  • My passion lies in supporting minority working parents and driving exceptional results, with my unique blend of experience and expertise. I am on a mission to empower minority working parents and help their businesses achieve exponential growth without relying on extra marketing efforts.
  • My purpose at Frontline Resolution Group, is to assist you in gaining more CLIENTS, CREDIBILITY and CAPITAL without needing to pour more money into marketing or ad spend. Let’s connect and feel free to reach out for collaboration opportunities or engaging conversations for us to make a positive impact together! My aim for you is simple: help triple your leads, double your profits and elevate your credibility – all in just 6 months

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