Digital Business Card

Virtual Card

Difference between Physical Business Card Design and Interactive Clickable Digital Business Card Design:-

In physical business card design, it is used only physically and you can use only limited information on this card. On The Other Hand-


A clickable digital business card design card is a Responsive and Interactive business card. Digital business cards can be easily added to clickable customize Buttons, Text, Documents, Images, calls, websites, contact forms, and YouTube videos.

Actually, it’s like an app that has all the crucial information about your company or business. It has additional benefits compared to a physical card.

  • You can update easily with drag and drop yourself anytime.
  • If update cards, it automatically updates every person.
  • Users can connect to you instantly via call, text, email, etc.
  • You Can Add Company any type of Details Information.
  • You will get a URL and QR Code for Sharing on any platform.
  • it automatically saves to the contact list with a press.
  • You can share it with anyone with one click.
  • Users can install it on their mobile screens.
  • Support on Android, iOS & Desktop versions.